Mint Litas


So I ordered some Litas from NastyGal the other day. Can’t wait! Been wanting another Lita pair since I obtained my gold sequined pair.

Just did some quick styling boards. Only need the Nico Pants by Hudson to complete the outfits as the other items are on the way.

Next pay day.



Topshop Eats My Bank Account


I want spring to be here, but still a few more weeks of up and down to -30C range to get through. All the Spring Fashions are teasing me.

*le sigh*

In other news, I’m eagerly waiting to see if I’m getting into Nursing School. I have a big hunch that I did but I won’t find out for a couple more weeks. I hate waiting. I need to know now. Then I can get out of the North! Well, sort of….it would be in Northern Alberta, so it really isn’t that far south.